Your Mentors and Tutors help you with math and science but if you need extra practice with math, reading, or writing, try some of the links below. After all, to become a doctor, engineer, or computer scientist, you have to have strong math and written communication skills!

First In Math: (Free trial via Username: karen Password: lovemath) This platform provides over 300 innovative game-based learning technologies that students from kindergarden to middle school and above, may use for self-paced practice and learning of math concepts.

Road to Grammar Jr: Grammar quizzes covering everything from adjectives to prepositions and word games. If you need to brush up on your vocabulary try the game “Merge”

Free Rice: Multiple choice questions covering a range of topics including English Vocabulary and Grammar

Black History Is World History: Journey around the world and back in time as editor Aric Jenkins explores the sizable impact Black societies have made on ancient civilizations