On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, and Thursday, July 28, 2022, Imhotep’s Legacy Academy’s (ILA) partnered with the Black People’s History of Canada to host the African Canadian in Science, Technology, and Innovation Exhibition which was led by Mr. Francis Jeffers.

The exhibition was open to the public and all ILA students.  It displayed the contributions of Black people to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) throughout history, starting with the ancient Egyptians and ending with contemporary scientists, inventors, and engineers. The exhibit had personalities from a library of over 300 Black inventors and STEM innovators in history. During the exhibition, Mr. Francis Jeffers:  

  • Delivered presentations to visiting groups of children and educators to put the displays in context. 
  • Hosted Scavenger hunts that students participated in for a chance to win prizes 

The intention was to inspire black youth through seeing themselves as part of the history of STEM worldwide and in Canada. The exhibit sparked conversations about the teaching of STEM and its connection to Black Canadian history.  

See more pictures from the exhibition