The Mathematics Summer Upgrade Program provides tutoring sessions designed to help high school students attain the necessary skills needed for high academic achievement in mathematics. The ultimate goal of the program is to maintain a high retention rate of students in university by providing high school students with a strong foundation to gain academic success.  The program is structured for students to understand, practice, and know the tricks related to algebra and trigonometry.

The sessions will be held during the months of July and August at Dalhousie University, Killam Memorial Library – room G42 on TuesdaysWednesdays and Thursdays. It will be a two-hour session where students will be exposed to several examples to increase their understanding and speed to solve mathematical problems.

The Tutors will use the Algebra/Trig Review Guide by Paul Dawkins in addition to the course curriculum and the Grade 10 textbook. The program will address each topic in the Grade 10 syllabus and more!